Business Development

Business Development

Small businesses are the foundation of the economy. Every large, billion dollar corporation was at once a small enterprise – but with the proper foundation they were able to grow.

The key to growing a small business is to ensure that it has a strong foundation. We at Access Financial Management, LLC can assist you by turning your dreams into reality. With our Business Development Services, we will provide all the guidance you need to build your small business.

Our Business Services include:

  • Determining the best Entity Classification for your business: Depending on your business and industry we can determine if you should be a Sole Proprietor, S or C Corporation or a Partnership. Your entity classification will have a significant impact on the way you structure your financial and tax reporting.
  • Ensure proper registration with Federal, State and Local (City and/or County) Authorities. Failing to properly register with the federal, state and local authorities could cost you time and money.
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Access Financial Management has taken care of our financials for over 10 years! They are on top of all the new Rules, Regulations & Guild-lines of the tax laws and are always advising the best option for your family. Anytime we are in need of our financials whether it be tax returns, helping advise on business decisions on new ventures , or even budgeting for everyday family life they are right there ready and available to get the job done. If you are looking for a company that has your financial best interest at heart and knows their stuff, this is the place!

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